Emergency Loans with the Lowest Rates at FBD


FBD is the answer to your emergency cash needs, with its fastest processing time and lowest rates. You will be approved of your cash loan just when you needed it.

Certain situations in life arise where a need for money is considered an emergency. Some unforeseen events may lead people from borrowing money from other people or money lenders. The sad fact is that there is no guarantee you can borrow cash from other folks because of the tough economic conditions. Credit decisions from your loans application may eat a lot of time, therefore is not helping as well in times of emergencies.


FBD is your emergency partner. Unlike any other cash products, FBD is honest, doing its transactions without hiding the real score. Transactions are at its fastest at FBD because we understand what "emergency" means, a thing that other lending firms do not understand. At FBD, what is presented to you is the real deal. You may find it too good to be true, but with all honesty, FBD will try to work in your favor.

FBD is your ultimate lifesaver and is the only emergency cash you can rely on with a road to credit. This means that borrowers, when quoted as qualified, are also eligible for lower rates. Lower rates means you get as low as 35.9 per cent APR assuming you loaned an amount of $2,500 with $102.35 as your bi-weekly payments.

In addition, FBD offers a borrower more money than its competitors. What is important is a good payment history. Once FBD sees that you had a settled your loan payment well, we will be granting you an even higher loan amount in case you need emergency cash again in the future. No other lender can promise you of loan approval of up to $2,500 other than FBD.

Transactions at FBD are not like those you've previously had with cash advance loan lenders. A borrower is assured of a credit report. The payment history will be sent to a major credit office, which will work in the borrower's advantage if he is prompt in payments.

FBD gives great rewards for borrowers who settle their accountabilities well. It's very easy to compare the rates of FBD with its competitors. Since the terms at FBD is easily understandable, a borrower can effortlessly see the advantage of loans done with them.

On the average, a first time borrower at FBD automatically qualifies for a loan of $250 up to $800. Loans of such amount have an APR of 324.1 per cent, which means a loan of $800 would normally have 18 payments of $113.41 settled bi-weekly.

A borrower with good credit evaluation makes him qualified for a loan of $1,000. Loans of up to this amount has an APR of 198.5%, thus the borrower pays 18 bi-weekly fee of $104.00. This justifies for the claim that FBD has lower rates for emergency loans.

Second-time borrowers at FBD can enjoy the privilege of qualifying for loans of higher amounts. In addition, returning borrowers will get lower rates than their first time loan rates. If a borrower is able to have at least 12 prompt and successful payments, a returning FBD borrower gets up to $1,000 approved loan. Successful payments are defined as payments that were given before due date in full amount. The rates for loans up to the said amount go for as low as 198.5 per cent, with a time to have it settled in 36 bi-weekly payments of $115.00. If a borrower succeeds in having a positive payment history with FBD, he gets the opportunity to borrow as much as $2,500 on his next loan. This will give him a rate of 35.9 per cent with $102.35 bi-weekly dues.

FBD will not add up any hidden charges. Additional fees will not be collected unless you missed to pay on time, thus resulting to a minimal penalty fee. To avoid paying for penalty, FBD borrowers are advised to make additional payment for the next paying turn or pay earlier than the due date.

Loan application forms are easily accessible. FBD gives you the privilege of processing your application online, with the assurance that it would not be disclosed to anyone. The online application at FBD is hassle-free. In addition, the borrower need not wait for a very long time to get the decisions. Answers are given right away, in a matter of seconds. Once your loan is approved, you will instantly get the loaned amount the next business day. This makes FBD a reliable companion in times of emergency situations.

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